Iskandar Degouis

Born 1994, Brussels

Atelier Iskandar is a design studio established in 2021 by Iskandar Degouis a Brussels based artist and furniture designer.

The creation of the design Studio Atelier Iskandar emerged from a desire to resist to the constant uniformisation of our environement by reconsidering the process of creation as a total experimentation, allowing the presence of mistakes, imperfections and particularly, risk.

The design studio's intention is to search and create anomalies.The word anomaly refers to « something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected ». This implies the existence of a norm or a standard, in which an anomaly would be cosidered s wrong due to its difference.

The process of creation tends to value the difference, as a source of inspiration for innovation and chance. In an environement of increasing standardization, to dare to appreciate the anomaly is a strenght. By honouring differences, we aspire that one day, perpetual emerging anomalies will be considered the standard : “when anomalies become the standard”...


2021 : The Opening, Grège Gallery, Antwerp