Lucas Leffler

Born 1993, Virton, Belgium

Lucas leffler

Lucas Leffler is living and working in Brussels. He studied photography at the professional high-school HELB in Brussels and he completed the master program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. His work is stimulated by a fascination for the materiality of chemistry and its bivalent nature close to alchemy, between the scientific and the magic dimension. He has experimental practice of the photo medium which he tends to expand to other forms like sculpture or installation. He takes inspiration in myths and facts, often linked to photography in order to reenact history and to create new stories. His work has been exhibited at Musée de l’Elysée (Lausanne, CH), FOMU (Antwerp, BE), Hangar Photo Art Center (Brussels, BE), Approche (Paris, FR). His work will be represented by Intervalle gallery in 2021 at photo-fairs Unseen Festival (Amsterdam, NL) and Paris Photo (Paris, FR). His book Zilverbeek (Silver Creek) was released in autumn 2019 with Dutch publisher The Eriskay Connection.


2022 : ??, Bruxelles


2021 : ????


2022 : ??, Paris