Senufo Bed

Ivory Coast, End 20th Century,

213 x 58 x 54 cm


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This unique senufo bed has a remarkable patina and a native reparation that attests of the age of the object. Those imperfections consistent with use and age are exactly what Grège is looking for and add to its beauty. This piece is carved out one solid wooden piece. You can recognize a Senufo bed by its curved surface and tapered legs. You’ll definitely add a warm touch in your interior with this beautiful bed.

The Senufo ethic group occupy a vast territory that covers the south of Mali, Burkina Faso and the north of Ivory Coast. Senufo people sometimes refer to themselves as the Siénas, meaning “those who work in the fields”. They are primarily farmers, growing millet, rice, corn, yams, cassava and tea. They became known early on for their artistic productions and the variety of their masks. Stools in African culture are intimate items generally passed down from generation to generation. Seats traditionally mark the social rank of its owner and are not to be lent under any circumstances. They are mostly carved out of shea wood.