J-B. Brueder, J. Di Piazza, L. Fabre-Fiorio, G. Petracci, R. Van Oort, C. Wayne

The Gallery

April 2023, Rue Saint-Jean Népomucène 20, 1000 Bruxelles

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The Gallery

On going at the gallery

a showcase of the gallery's artists

The gallery located in the heart of brussels is Grège Gallery permanent art space. Open since february 2023 by Marie de Brouwer, an interior designer with a passion for art.

The gallery showcases emerging artists and exceptional pieces of furniture from various countries and ethnicities, carefully selected by Marie during her travels. The gallery's concept is to create a meeting place for art lovers by presenting temporary exhibitions in unique and often unknown locations, while also maintaining this permanent gallery space for visitors to enjoy between outdoors exhibitions. The space is bright and inviting, located in the evolving neighborhood between the Royal Flemish Theatre and the Pompidou Centre.

Grège Gallery featured a few works of each artist Marie's aartists, creating a harmonious combination of authenticity and imperfections.

Visitors can expect a mixture of purity and simplicity that offers an approach to the illumination of space. The gallery invites you to discover a dialogue of architecture, art, and furniture, reflecting Marie's insatiable appetite for the beautiful and the raw.