Léa Fabre-Fiorio, Lucas Leffler,
Julia Renaudot, Timothée de Brouwer

The Opening

09 September - 10 October 2022

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The Opening

09 September - 10 October, 2022, Castle of Westmalle, Antwerp.

A new venue for the launch of the Grège Gallery

It is an unstoppable appetite for the beautiful and the raw, a passion for imperfections and an authentic spirit that defines the Grège Gallery founded by Marie de Brouwer.

For its inauguration, the Grège Gallery is taking over the Ronde Bouw, a unique building in Belgium dating from the 19th century, located in the heart of the Westmalle Castle estate.

Interior designer and modern-day adventurer Marie de Brouwer is an eternal lover of beauty. She was inspired by the play of texture, transparency and forms to create her gallery. During this event you will discover her personal selection of objects of singular beauty from several African and Indonesian ethnic groups. She will unveil a unique series of furniture created with teak of more than 200 years old, pieces of Senufo, Lobi and Nupa origin, as well as other unusual pieces from Burkina Faso whose patina is a witness of the ancient times . The Grège gallery will also present works of European artists who share the gallery's values.

They include the incredible ceramic forms of Lea Fabre-Fiorio who creates the accident during her creative process. The works of Timothée de Brouwer, who mixes original and unexpected materials, creating blinds with particular and surprising renderings. Anomalie Atelier, a design studio created in 2021 by Iskandar Degouis, who will be exhibiting his minimalist and pure "MIES" lighting model. The art of Delphine Cobbaert, a young textile designer who presents her universe and her carpet weaving technique. Julia Renaudot's sensitive and deep digital paintings. Lucas Leffler's intoxicating photography.

Throughout the exhibition, the Grège Gallery aims to share the stories behind each object.