Baule Chair

Ivory Coast, End 20th Century

56 x 49 x 45 cm

Assembled wood

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This lovely little Baule chair, with its refined design and beautiful patina of use , will bring character to your home.
Baule or “Baoulé” chairs are traditionally used as meditation chair by the Baule people in Western Africa. These ones or from Ivory Coast dating from the end of the 20th Century. The Baules one of the few ethnic groups in Africa that uses the technique of assembly for their furniture.
In Africa, there is a whole culture around the seats being one of the only piece of furniture that they use for a current, exceptional and/or official use. The seats, by the incredible diversity of their form, attest the existence of a plurality of styles and aesthetics. The way of sitting reveals relationships of power and domination as well as a cultural system based on a very hierarchical stratification of the society. Sitting is a privilege.