5 - 8 October 2023

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Art on Paper

5 – 8th of October 2023

Gare Maritime, Brussels, Belgium

A Showcase of Contemporary Drawing

Art on Paper provides a unique panorama of the quality and diversity of contemporary, modern, and antique drawing practices by hosting an international fair dedicated to this art form.
The fair invites diverse audiences, both professionals and enthusiasts, to explore the rich tapestry of drawing and paper-based artworks curated by over 60 Belgian and international galleries, ranging from established to emerging artists.
Art on Paper coincides with the 4th edition of the Brussels Drawing Week (from October 2nd to October 8th), offering an extensive program of drawing-related activities throughout Brussels. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the website of Art on Paper.

The Grège Gallery took part in it by presenting a solo show by its beloved artist, Chidy Wayne. Chidy, originally known for his illustrative work, has evolved into a renowned artist. His recent creations, characterized by their elegant minimalism and fearless gestural strokes, transcend the boundaries of commercial art, delving deep into the very soul of drawing itself. Wayne’s work is a unique fusion of avant-garde influences and ancestral cultural elements, infusing his art with a captivating primitive allure, yet also reflecting the spirit of contemporary urban life.
His drawings, born from profound introspection, come to life through swift and powerful strokes. Wayne has developed a personal lexicon of symbols and motifs, each laden with profound significance, touching on universal and timeless themes such as existence, identity, and inner conflict.

Notably, Wayne’s artistry doesn’t forsake the figurative; instead, it focuses on the hands as symbols of conflict and power, a testament to his skill honed over years as an illustrator and teacher. With unwavering confidence and boundless energy, he has taken his vision to large-scale canvases and paper, embarking on an intimate journey of self-expression