Marie de Brouwer

Marie is in constant search of the beautiful and the unexpected and does her utmost to transmit this passion to you in her gallery "GREGE GALLERY"

Grège adj. (from Italian greggio, i.e. «raw, in its natural state, which has not been worked on»]. (1) Said of raw silk as it is taken from the cocoon or of metal as it comes out of the mine. (2) Of a gray-beige color.

She studied at the CAD in Brussels and obtained her master's degree in interior architecture and product design. It was during her last internship in Bali, during the lockdown, that Marie decided to launch her business. She started by importing a first selection of objects, which marked a real craze and success that she decided to evolve by specializing in unique and exceptional furniture as well as Contemporary Art. One of the first founding events of her style was her exhibition in Westmalle, undertaken after her trip to Burkina-Faso. Since then, the gallery proposes multiple exhibitions in unusual places: the house of the architect Robert Janvier dating from the 70's in Schilde, the private greenhouses of the castle of La Hulpe. The artists are then brought to create In Situ works.

The Grège Gallery is driven by a raw and authentic spirit. In perpetual search of beauty, textures, imperfections and character. The gallery was founded in September 2021 by Marie de Brouwer, a young Belgian interior designer. Grège is the good that unites us, it is the detail that touches us, it is the beautiful that makes us vibrate. Marie, eternal lover of beauty, is inspired by the play of textures, transparency and shapes to found her gallery. It is undeniable that her background distinguishes her from traditional galleries and that pushes her to find exceptional places to stage. The dialogue between architecture, art and furniture is essential to her.

Marie de Brouwer
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In between the Flemish and the National Theater. 6 min by walk from Dansaert, Pompidou center and the North Station.