The Gallery is driven by a raw and authentic spirit. In perpetual search of beauty, textures, imperfections and character. The gallery was founded in September 2021 by Marie de Brouwer, a young Belgian interior designer. This personal curation is presented in two parts: The Art Collection and her The Timeless Collection.

The Art Collection is mainly composed of works by emerging artists. The selection is directed by Marie’s sensitivity. She encourages artists to innovate, to develop their own techniques and language.

The Timeless Collection is built around unique pieces of furniture sourced by Marie. Driven by her passion for furniture, and aided by her experience as an interior designer, she carefully selects raw and antique pieces or objects for their patina, their “native repair” and other fascinating details often found during her many travels. You will find furniture from different ethnic groups from West Africa but also a unique collection of old pottery and refined furniture from Asia.