Amélie Scotta, 2022

95 x 70 cm

Graphite drawing on Schoeller paper


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Cover is a masterpiece of the talented Amélie Scotta.

Born in Nantes, Amélie Scotta is graduated in Design and Art from HEAR Strasbourg (2008) and from National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre (2016). Laureate of various Art Prizes (we can mention: Cocof, Carré sur Seine, Ville de Tournai, Canson…), she has also done several artistic residencies (notably at the Fondation Moonens, at the Casa de Velazquez, at the Cité internationale des Arts, at the Villa Empain…) and regularly exhibits in Belgium or abroad.

Her work directly questions our habitat and the resulting urbanism, in other words our life within a neighborhood, a community and more globally a society. Our condition is omnipresent despite the absence of human figure, approached trough a questioning of our lifestyles, of the way we surround ourselves, of the way we crowd in. Working slowly and obsessively, she favors drawing for its material simplicity and infinite richness. Her relationship with architecture, however, leads her more towards sculpture and projects in the public space.

In her latest work, Amélie Scotta focuses her attention on construction elements (tarpaulins, scaffolding, …), freezing ephemeral installations that are not meant to be looked at and that constitute the traces of an architecture in the making. These structures of lines and draperies are reminiscent of the skeleton or the skin and speak to us of the city as a living organism.