Mattia Listowski, 2019

32 x 19 x 17 cm




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Arche is a concrete sculpture from the French artist, Mattia Listowski. He lives and works in Paris and Brussels, and studied at ESAG Penninghen from 2005 to 2008.
Mattia sculpts narrative architectures in the raw material of concrete, characterizing our symbolic relationship to memory, the ruin of ideas; and encapsulates hushed stagings of these magical places with medium-format silver-chamber photographs, crystallizing an equivocal memory on the surface of concrete. In this way, he revolutionizes a temporal paradigm by studying our physical relationship to space, in a narrative that crosses personal history, art history and the history of great civilizations.
His work uses the formal language, techniques, tools and representations of architecture, exploring matter and light. He combines a conceptual approach, industrial know-how and craftsmanship, metaphorically exposing our dual relationship to the world: the invisibility of being in the global mass, at odds with our primordial essence as sensitive individuals.
A romantic dialectic of travel, anthropological and picturesque, in a universe that constantly brings into tension the ephemerality of light (brought about by the notion of events and sensitivity) and the eternity of stone (supported by the notion of memory), confronting us with our own memory, our singular recollections.
Mattia lives and works in Brussels.