Dove – brown, textured

Laura Pasquino, 2024

W 33 cm D 24 cm H 20 cm Brown ceramic, glazed inside



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Laura Pasquino created “Dove – brown, textured” for Ceramic Brussels 2024 where she participated with the Grège Gallery.

She’s a ceramic artist based in Amsterdam. Before opening her studio in The Netherlands, she practiced ceramic art in Japan and Portugal.

Her natural aesthetic style features minimalistic, harmonious shapes that celebrate the imperfections and beauty of simplicity. She expresses herself through the textures and organic nuances of clay, creating minimalist sculptures in pure and simple forms.

Laura aims to balance traditional techniques with organic clay textures, often leaving her works unglazed to showcase the material’s humble beauty. She prioritizes giving character to her pieces over perfecting them, leaving her fingerprints and tool marks as traces of her process and adding soul to the objects.