When Dreams Embrace Wood and Paint

Échos Éthérés

8June - 15 July 2023

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Échos Éthérés

Opening reception: Thursday 8th June 2023

rue Saint-Jean Népomucène 20, 1000 Bruxelles

The enchantment of materials unfolds in a captivating duo exhibition titled "Échos Éthérés" During this event the Grège Gallery brings together two talented artists, Sepa (aka Victor), a wood sculptor, and Giorgio Petracci, a painter. Their collaborative work explores the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible, where softness and poetry intertwine in ethereal creations.

Sepa, deeply influenced by his experiences in the heart of the Cévennes, subtly expresses profound sensitivity in his wood sculptures. Inspired by nature and the mysteries of ideas, he shapes unique pieces with his hands, embodying the very essence of living matter. The organic forms emerging from his creations reflect an intimate connection between the artist's soul and the elements of nature.

Giorgio Petracci, on the other hand, takes viewers on a dreamlike journey through his paintings. His vibrant brush captures the essence of coastal landscapes, brimming with memories and sensations. His sublime compositions evoke a world where the wind whispers ancient stories and colors blend delicately, creating an evocative harmony.

"Échos Éthérés" invites visitors to immerse themselves in a universe where dreams take shape. Sepa's wooden sculptures and Giorgio Petracci's enchanting paintings echo each other with enchanting subtlety. Visitors will be transported to a timeless space where the magic of materials merges with imagination, creating delicate echoes that resonate long after leaving the exhibition.

From June 8th to July 15th, Grège Gallery welcomes art enthusiasts to delve into the mesmerizing amalgamation that arises from the continuous artistic exploration of Sepa and Giorgio Petracci. "Échos Éthérés: A Harmonious Encounter of Wood and Paint" unveils a unique realm where imagination intertwines with the intangible. Embark on a profound journey as Sepa and Giorgio beckon us to delve into the depths of human connection and the purity of artistic expression. Join us for the grand opening on 8th June at 6pm. Following the opening, the exhibition will be open for visitation during weekends or by appointment, providing ample opportunity to immerse oneself in the sublime works on display.

We eagerly anticipate your presence on this extraordinary artistic odyssey, where contemplation meets wonder and the boundaries of possibility are redefined. For further inquiries, please contact us.