Julia Renaudot

Born 1983, Nantes, France

The question of travel is fundamental for Julia. It offers her the freedom of an elsewhere and opens her up to a multitude of themes: that of mental itinerancy, memory, the past, remembrance, but also dreams, imagination and fiction. She does not strive for figurative accuracy, but rather for the transmission of all that can be dreamt of. She deliberately gives discretion to her image. There is something swarming in it, a half- floating and indecisive vision. With time and hindsight, she produces an image that vaguely corresponds to the feeling of a distant, evanescent memory; a dream that would have inhabited us long ago.A French visual artist, she began her studies at Cégep Saint Laurent in Montreal. She then went on to study painting at ENSAV la Cambre in Brussels.


2022 : Solarium, Grège Gallery, Château de la Hulpe

2022 : Melissa ansel, Bruxelles

2022 : Art au centre, Liége

2021 : Grège Gallery, Westmalle

2021 : Maison Demeuldre, Bruxelles

2021 : Volks, Amsterdam

2021 : Balade des gens heureux, Ottignies

2021 : Eleven steens, Graduate Show,Bruxelles

2021 : Garden party, Bruxelles

2019 : Kunstureghem, Bruxelles

2017 : galerie Luz, Montréal


2021 : Volks, Amsterdam

2020 : Ifitry, Essaouira

2019 : Meteo, Collectif, Ploenez.

2019 : L'eau et les rêves, Antraigues