30th March - 12th June 2024

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rue Saint-Jean Népomucène 20, 1000 Bruxelles

Solo show

Nestled in Brussels' heart, Grège Gallery is a permanent art space established in February 2023 by Marie de Brouwer, an interior designer passionate about art, architecture and design. The gallery features emerging artists and exceptional furniture sourced globally by Marie.

The concept revolves around being a hub for art lovers, offering temporary exhibitions in unique, undiscovered locations, alongside a constant gallery space. Located between the Royal Flemish Theatre and the Pompidou Centre, the inviting space merges architecture, art, and furniture.

Grège Gallery harmoniously presents works from various artists, blending authenticity and imperfections. Artists like Chidy Wayne, Laura Pasquino, Roan van Oort, Ileana Moro, and Mattia Listoswki have found their place within its walls, reflecting the gallery's dynamic artistic disposition.

Chidy Wayne