Moritz Berg

Onde sans rivage

16th November 2023


Ondes sans rivage

Opening reception: Thursday 16 November 2023

rue Saint-Jean Népomucène 20, 1000 Bruxelles


Brussels - Grège Gallery presents the works of its new artist, Moritz Berg

Berg is a young German artist born in 1994. He graduated in architecture and urban planning from the University of Stuttgart. He is currently based in Stuttgart, where he creates exciting works inspired by the hidden qualities of everyday moments.

Berg's artistic practice focuses on the impact of a natural environment and its aesthetic impressions on oneself. He pauses the frenetic pace of daily life in order to perceive the uniqueness and poetry of such impressions. Capturing the gestures of nature leads him to moments of mindfulness and meditation, a concept which is his practical response to the hyper-digital life we live.

To carry out his artistic process, all he does is looking closely at the shadows dancing on the pavement or admiring the trees swaying in the wind. Berg translates these moments of inspiration and quality offered by the environment around us by fusing them with his artistic vision.

His work in the forthcoming exhibition bears witness to this: working on a painting in the south of France last summer, Berg was interrupted by a storm. Wanting to capture the moment, he left his painting outside and admired the raw and rough nature doing its work. His work is ultimately the result of the rain that falls on the painting, the wind that shakes it or the snails that pass through it.

On Thursday 16 November, visitors will be invited to discover Berg's strong and inspiring artistic imprint. The exhibition will take place at the Grège Gallery itself, the gallery's pied-à-terre, where Berg's works will be perfectly immersed in the raw and authentic world advocated by the gallery.

The exhibition «Onde sans rivage » will run from 16 November to 16 December 2023. The opening reception will take place on Thursday 16 November from 6pm to 9pm. The gallery is located rue Saint-Jean Népomucène, 1000 Brussels.